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Not sure where to start with Informational Interviews? Organization matters!

Firstly, an Informational Interview is a tool to build and nurture your network. It is a conversation where you can learn more about a person, an organization, and a field or industry.

Second, an informational interview tracking template is used to keep track of connections you make, identify potential career options, and opportunities.

This tool will  you manage your workload to look like the professional you are. 😉

The spreadsheet has three rings or tabs: the first one is for close inner circle family and friends. The second ring is for colleagues, alumni networks, and close friends. The third ring is for new contacts, expansions of connections, referrals, and new networks.

Finally, track your network as a living document. A tracking sheet allows you to see your progress, not lose things, and be able to analyze outcomes and industry sectors. Use it in conjunction with scheduling follow-up on your calendar.  A well-designed search will help you manage new connections; applications, interviews, and importantly, job offers.

Use this FREE informational interview tracking template to design a job search that delivers success!

Job and Network Tracking Sheet 2021